My name is Marty Maguire and I launched this website to nurture my interest in doing photo, video, and creative digital media work.  My personal modus operandi with these creative mediums has always been fundamentally communal, collaborative, and social, thus I emphasize my openness to contact through the web for anything related to these crafts.

I moved to New York City in June of 2017 after spending the first few months of the year enrolled in a weight loss program at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center in Durham, North Carolina.  During my time in Durham, I was able to accomplish many of my goals related to improving health, such as losing approximately 40 pounds. 

Before my time at the Duke DFC, I lived back in my hometown of San Francisco for about 8 years that following my undergraduate education at New York University, where I earned my BA in psychology through the College of Arts & Sciences.  Also during college, I took elective courses in film photography through NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. 

Most of my recent photos are shot with my Canon 6D camera through a 24-105mm f/4L lens, but I also have experience working with other equipment including medium format film cameras.

One of my immediate goals is to shoot more video and film projects and further develop my post-production skills in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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